2 Oct 2014


Bangladesh Post Office Services & your Area postal Code no.

Post office services at a cheap cost for all bangladeshi people & invited to know your area postal code no.
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Bangladesh Post office is a govt. owned department, committed to provide wide range of postal products and public services. Bangladesh Post Office is committed to provide a quick, reliable and regular service to the people of all walks of life at a cheap cost. The original work of the postal department is that Postal products received, transport and deliver, as well as the department provide a lot more services for the people at a cheap cost.

Postal services are given below:

01. Postal goods (native and international) receive, transport and delivery
02. Registration service
03. Value Payable (VP) service
04. Insurance service
05. Parcel service
06. Book post (book Pattern packets and packets)
07. Newspapers in registered
08. Money order service
09. Express service (GEP and EMS)
10. E-post
11. Intel post

Do you Know your Area postal Code Number?

To know your area post Box No. have to look below box

Official Website of Post office, Wish all Bangladeshi, Best of Luck.


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