8 Sep 2014


Create your own WiFi hotspot without the software (for PC)

Create your own Wifi howspot yourself to used CMD for internet share with your friends and family.

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How are you all? Today I will share a trick that you can share your WiFi network from your laptop without any kind of software. A lot of time We share the net from the PC to use the WI-Fi. For this We use various software for creating WI-Fi zone. But Software has a various problem such as limited version, buy now, bug, version support, etc. Today I'll show you how to create the WI-Fi hotspot without software.

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First, Open CMD (command prompt) Run as Administrator. Open Will a new window. Write a command “netsh wlan show drivers” (without “”) for the First time. Press Enter.

To search from there Hosted network support. If “yes”, it allows you to create a Wi-Fi. Or show “no” you can’t create wi-fi.

tutorial hotspot

Then type “ netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=your net name (after ssid=no need space) key =your password (To use password on Wi- Fi)” to set network name & Password.

For an Example: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=onnoshob key=1bhk678
Press enter

tutorial hotspot 2

Your main work finished.

Now write start command: “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” press enter and Done close it.

tutorial hotspot 3

After connecting If your WI-Fi network showed limited then you have to go your main network properties. Go control panel > Network & sharing center > main network connected > properties > Sharing > select both (2) box and select your wi-fi created a connection from select a private network connection.

Also You can Use free net of cell operators. Keep sharing with your Family + Friends Enjoy

If you did't get it properly, You can see Video tutorial.


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