5 Aug 2014


How To Hide and unhide the hard disk Partition on windows XP, 7, 8 using CMD

How To Hide and unhide the hard disk partition on windows XP, 7, 8 using CMD Commands :
First check how many drives are there in my computer and then see which drive are you want to to hide.

Then make the drive to Hide by following the below steps of using cmd commands:

1. Press on start > search > cmd  to open command prompt

2. Then type: DISKPART and press ENTER

3. After enter Open a New Window. Then type: SELECT VOLUME & press ENTER “ (It lists available partition volumes) show Like Below image:”

Hide and unhide the hard disk Partition

4. Select the volume by type: SELECT VOLUME 1or 2 …….. Press ENTER “It means which are you want to Hide?”

5. After Selected volume, then types: REMOVE

Now to unhide the partition:

Go to an elevated command prompt=run cmd.exe Enter following commands:

Note: For Unhide the hidden drive uses the command ASSIGN after selecting the hidden drive. Or Doing Again following step 1-4 then types: Assign press ENTER “ Show Like Below Image”

Hide and unhide the hard disk Partition

DISKPART :- Run the diskpart program
LIST DISK : list the disks in system
SELECT DISK n : n is SL. No. of disk with hidden volume
DETAIL DISK : to make sure you got the right partition
LIST VOLUME :- lists the volumes in the system
SELECT VOLUME n :-n is the number of the hidden volume
EXIT :- exit from DiskPart
EXIT :- exit from command shell

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