1 Sep 2014


What should do if forget to Facebook logout ?

How are you all? Today I come back again with a very important security tips post. This post is the content of Facebook’s security. Those who do not know it, they should know that it is very important.

 Facebook logout

Much of time is that, you login with your Facebook Account at cyber cafĂ© or other’s PC or friends Mobiles and that time electricity gone or forget to Face book logout from your Facebook Account. Your Facebook Account fall in huge danger. Now anyone can access your Facebook with those computers or mobile. Now what you do in this situation?
Here the Solution, Your can save your Facebook Account to Hack through Facebook Security system.

You have to do......
1 .Please first login to your Facebook Account from the PC or MOBILE.

2. Then Go to Account Setting

3. Then Security option and press on “Where You're Logged In”

4. There showed all login Activity & press on “End All Activity”

 Facebook logout

Now you and your Facebook Account save. After press on “End All Activity” all previous login activity will be logout.

Note: when you login in Facebook account with other mobile or computer never select on "Keep me login" and do not save passwords .


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