26 Aug 2014


How You shared voice messages on Facebook (on PC)

Voice messaging is a funny option on Facebook!!! Very easy to make it on Messenger. I 'll share with you today, How done This fun item on the PC !!

Facebook Voice msg

Step: 1 First open your Google chrome browser, then go Setting option.

chrome setting option

Step: 2 Press on Extensions, then press on “Get more Extensions”


Steps: 3 Now types on search option “Talk And Comment"


Steps: 4 Add it or install in chrome browser.

call & comments add

Steps: 5 after add, come a notification tab for allowing the microphone (press on Allow)

Allow microphone

Steps: 6 Now you can see a microphone icon in your Facebook Chat and Comments Conner. Like
below Image.

facebook chat

Press on the microphone icon to start record your voice. Enjoy


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