21 Aug 2014


Stop the using additional net Data on Android Smartphone

The most expensive thing to use the additional net for Android smartphone users. Even if you do not want or Do not use any data, but you can see your limited internet package is 500-1000 MB data consumption within one week! Today, I will learn You exactly how to turn off use the additional net on your phone, you can use a simple app. Basically, Android smartphone users are facing two problems for the excess data usage. Cost being the excess of the net and the other being a quick loss Battery backup.

However, If want to to save additional cost of net and Save quick loosing Battery life you have to use a Application, the great application name droidwall. Droidwall is a firewall software for the android. It is easy to use, and smaller rather than other firewalls. But to use it would have to be the root of your device. It is needless to occupy RAM. If your device is the root, then first you have to download Droidwall from Google Play Store.

To use Droidwall Please first install the application. Open it After install. When you open up as shown below a page.

Press on Firewall Disable. Now get a superuser request. Press on Allow.

Now select what would you like to use Application for net use. Then Press Apply Rules and Exit

From Now any further applications can not use net without Selected Apps. Make sure it 's your data, as well as the battery life savings will be greater than ever.


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