19 Aug 2014


How Voip Phone Services Work: Free Voip

VoIP is a wonderful new technology that has the potential to reshape traditional telephone networks or even replace them. VoIP means saving money on your monthly phone bill without losing quality. VoIP views for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is also called to as IP Telephony. It is another technique of making phone calls to others, with the difference of making the calls cheaper or completely free.

How Voip Phone Services Work: Free Voip

VoIP has a lot of benefits over the traditional phone method. The main reason for which people are so extremely turning to VoIP phone services technology is the costly. VoIP is said to be low-cost, but most people use it for free. Yes, if you have a Laptop / computer with a microphone and speakers, and a good speedy Internet link, you can speak using free VoIP. This system can also be possible with your mobile and home phone.

There are many techniques to using freeVoIP technology. It all techniques depends on where and how you will be making the Voip calls. It could be at your home, in your corporate network, during a travel. The way you make calls differs with the VoIP phone service you use.

How Does VoIP Work?

The current phone system relies on a dependable but largely useless method for connecting calls known as circuit switching. This method, which has been used for over the 100 years, means that when a call is made between two people a connection is sustained in both directions between callers for the duration of the call.

How Voip Phone Services Work: Free Voip

This dual indicator characteristic gives the system the name circuit. Many telephone transporters are now selling VoIP services such as ourHosted PBX, also called Cloud PBX. The remarkable thing about VoIP is that there is not just one way to place a call.

There are three different "tastes" of VoIP phone service in common use today:

1. ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter)

The humblest and most common way is through the use of a device called an ATA. The ATA (analog telephone adaptor) allows you to connect a standard phone to your computer or your Internet connection for use with VoIP. The ATA (analog telephone adaptor) is convert signal analog to digital. It takes analog signal from traditional phone and converts it into digital data for broadcast over the Internet.

2. IP phones

IP Phones are singular telephones which look and work like normal phones but connect openly to your internet connection without the use of ATA device system. An IP Phone plugs openly into your internet router and comes in both wireless and corded models.

3. Computer-to-Computer

This is positively the easiest technique to use VoIP. You don't have to pay for remoteness calls. There are several companies subscription free or very low-cost software that you can Use software installed on your computer and a headset you can make and receive VoIP phone calls right on your desktop or laptop. To use this system, you need a voip software, a speakers, a sound card, a microphone and an Internet connection. Some software also allows you to host conference calls.

If you're interested to trying free VoIP, then you should find out some of the free VoIP software available on the Internet. You would be able to download and set it up in about three to five minutes.


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