12 Aug 2014


Responsive operating system (windows 9) is coming next month, September 2014

Microsoft Windows 9 Responsive operating system is coming next month (September 2014)

Responsive operating system (windows 9)

Since 2012, discussed within the website developers to make responsive website, its means that website can be seen at any device. This is the mobile subscribers roaming in the Internet. And that's why the demand of smart phones is very high. And now, like website your operating system too responsive.

You can run that operating system from any size of device , Although it operating system based on the computer. Said, on the top software makers company Microsoft and that it Windows 9.

The new Responsive operating system Windows 9 will arrange everything according to the type of device. For Desktop, a common laptop, tablet and touch laptop a separate interface would create itself. For this do not need to separate Commands, According to the responsive operating system rather than the hardware will perform this task automatically. Due to Complications Use of Windows 8, not Seen much more success, Mainly Windows 8 made for touch device as Metro Style. Many people are still using Windows 7.
Responsive operating system (windows 9)

Microsoft has announced, this will not be a problem in windows 9. It will gave touch device interface advantages beside Gave for desktop and laptop and mouse - keyboard convenient interface.

If all are Okey, come next month ( September 2014), the preview version of Windows 9.


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