14 Aug 2014


BlackBerry Passport: Features, Pre-Registration, and Release Date: The most exclusive phone 2014 (Updated)

The BlackBerry Passport is likely to launch in September 2014, marking the Debut of a large square shaped 4.5in screen with a bodily keyboard.

BlackBerry Passport: Features, Pre-Registration, and Release Date:

The tentative design comes as BlackBerry continues to seek a form factor to pair its stylish physical keyboards with a big screen. Current generation devices, such as the Q10 and Q5, have screens which are limited to 3ins Display and while the Z10 has a 4in+ only touchable display.


Concerned readers and prospective buyers who would like to get the first set of BlackBerry Passport, you should pre-register for the device. The online pre-registration is started from dated 07 Aug 2014 consenting to Phone Arena in BlackBerry's official Web site.

It is means noting that, pre-registration is not pre-ordering offer. Upon pre-registering with the company's site, users are given their interest in the device. Therefore Company will be informed when the BlackBerry Passport is ready for pre-order via mail to pre-register Users.


The BlackBerry Passport is built with 4.5in screen (1440 x 1440resolution). This helps to give it a colossal pixel density of 453ppi. To put this in situation, it should be existing flagship devices such as the Apple iPhone 5s (326ppi) and the Samsung Galaxy S5 (432ppi). The most exciting feature is the square screen - which gives the device its exclusive look. 

BlackBerry Passport: Features, Pre-Registration, and Release Date:This means users will no to switch between portrait and landscape modes. This is vital when you take into account the physical keyboard. Of course it's also going to make the handset ideal for web-browsing.


BlackBerry passport build with stylish physical keyboards. These physical keys are for letters input alone. Punctuation, numbers and even the “ALT” key have been given the chop and will seem on-screen depending on the setting.

BlackBerry Passport: Features, Pre-Registration, and Release Date:
 It will be remarkable to see how this works in practice. The keyboard is touch delicate too, so users will be able to ‘flick up’ on the keys and mimic predictive typing introduced on the touch-screen Z10.


BlackBerry Passport: Features, Pre-Registration, and Release Date:The Passport will work on the BB 10.3 (OS) operating system. It will be build with a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM, specifications which are similar to phablets in Samsung's Galaxy Note range. Internal memory is up to be 32GB with space to expandable up to 64GB (micro SD card slot).

Battery life

The BlackBerry Passport will be setup a large 3450mAh battery life, so usage times could be one of the extreme features, mainly for creative users.

Release date

BlackBerry Passport is probable Debut in September 2014. Now BlackBerry Passport is already on universal release in the UK. It's available to buy through the firm's website, via Selfridges £529.


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