16 Jul 2014


How a live blog or site can be redirected to another blog or site?

Many of us are using a free blog site. But when our free blog site gets too many popularity so that we need to buy domain and we have to do use re-direct option. Because if your free blog site is on blogspot and main site create a Wordpress, so that the blog could be redirected. These rules must be abided by to add broken links or to add 404 error pages to the main site and we facing many problems for that. Today I will show you very simple Method of trouble to solve. I'll show it on blogspot that's why you can use the same method to all of this. Follower of a better method below: 

         ( N.B.: Keep your site 's template backup Each time when you edit HTML of your site template)

1. The first in your Blogger Login

2. Then go dashboard then press on Template tab, then press on edit HTML tab.

3. Now you can see the template code and press CTRL+F on the Board & Search  this code.

4. Now copy the following code to paste after below code:

Code Download Click here

                                    If not understood Please see the image below: 

***Now enter your site name instead of http://onnoshob.blogspot.com/ and press on save template.


I hope you would be done very easily, and if there is any problem you can give comments below, I'll try to answer of questions about problems as possible.


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