15 Jul 2014


Are you forget Android Pattern Lock? Very easy to unplug.

Presently the Android mobile operating system is the most popular operating system and The Pattern Lock is the one of the best protection system on Android mobile phone. A Lot of time We are unconsciously forgotten pattern lock of our mobiles Or tab. If someone tries to open excessive wrong pattern lock it could be permanently locked. However, the topic is that how we easily to open pattern locked.

First, draw a pattern that you like, then press on Forgot Pattern. See below image:

After press on Forgot Patter, your phone screen will be appeared like the picture below, where you will be asked to give your email id and password.

You must have to give email ID and that email ID are integrated with your mobile and that password will give you. After giving, a new pattern code will forward to your email, And these codes could help you to unlock the mobile. 

Maybe you might not need this post if you forget pattern lock this post can help you. So you can keep bookmarks it in your browser.


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