8 Jul 2014


This Google setting Tricks unknown to lot of Online Users. Do you know?

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Google is very familiar name of Our online users. We could to know from Google like do search various info, News, Events & much more. But the search results of Google not give us few result. Give us more Result. We open at least 5-6 result for Get the desired results on new tabs with our browser Or if you do not like to enter the results back into the back of the other results.
Click on the Google search results, and those with get results will open in a new tab. How Would happen? Repeatedly opened new tab so bothered about the website. Today in giving solutions. This is not no tricks . This is just a settings of the Google search.

So lets see how do settings of the Google search: 

** First visit the Google

**Now You can see a small link at the bottom name of Settings. 

** Settings link in the menu link you get some more option.

**Click the Search Settings.

1.Now first Select “Always Show Instants Results“.
2. Then Select “Open each result in a new browser window“ for new tab.

3. Last Click “Save” then ok

From now when u click on google search result than you see it open new tab of your browser. 


                                                    **Thanks to All for visit my blog.**


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