8 Jul 2014


Do You Know? Which are the first Events in the Fifa World Cup, (1930 to Present?)

***First Fifa World Cup "July 13, 1930"***

**First Match Mexico Vs France. France defeated Mexico in this match (4-1) goal in 1930 at  Mantebidiote.

**The First Goals. Lucien lamra of France in 1930

**First Excluded Player from the Field: Peruvian Mario de Las Qasas (Against Romania in  1930).

**The first penalties Goal: Manual raketasa rosasa(Mexico).(Against Argentina in 1930).

 **First hat-trick: Guilaramo stabila of Argentina. (Against Mexico in 1930).

 **Due to an injury on replacement Player: Alex thepata of France in 1930.

 **First qualifier Match: Sweden Vs Estonia. (6 -2) in 1933. 

**First Penalty Miss: Bhalademara de brito of Brazil (against Spain in 1934).

 **First tie Match: Italy - Spain (1-1) in 1934. 

**The first roll of extra time Match: Italy - Czechoslovakia in 1934.

 **The first qualifying game host team: Italy in 1934. 

**Asia's first qualifying game team: Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) in 1938. 

**The first use of numbers in Jersey: In 1938. 

**First suicide Goal: Aranesta loisacara of Switzerland. (against Germany in 1938).

 **The first qualifying match transferred Player: Horasta ikela of Germany in 1953.

 **First goal zero tie: Brazil Vs England in 1958.

 **First World Cup Dope test: In 1966. 

**The first replacement goal keeper: Nekula Radukanu of Romania (against Brazil in 1970).

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