11 Feb 2015


The Cricket World Cup 2015 & Schedules

The Cricket World Cup 2015  will be the 11th Cricket World Cup, Australia and New Zealand to be equally hosted by scheduled from 14 February to 29 March 2015. Total 49 matches will be played in Australia with performance 26 games. Though New Zealand hosts 23 games. The final match of the tournament will uncivilized place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. ICC cricket world cup 2015 will be one of the world's biggest international tournaments, with 14 competing. ICC cricket world cup 2015 is the second time that the tournament will be held in Australia and New Zealand, with the first existence the 1992 Cricket World Cup Sachin Tendulkar has been named as the ICC cricket world cup 2015.

All dates and times are shown local to the host city. ICC Development (International) Ltd and Cricket World Cup 2015 Ltd reserve the right in their absolute discretion to change or amend the fixture (teams, venues, match start times) at any time, without notice. Please visit cricket world cup site for the latest information.

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Prize money:

The International Cricket Council has declared a total prize money pool of $10 million for the icc world cup tournament, which is 20 percent more than the 2011 icc world cup edition. The prize money will be distributed according to the performance of the team as follows:[39] Stage Prize money (US$) Total Winner $3,975,000 $3,975,000 Runner-up $1,750,000 $1,750,000 Losing semi-finalists $600,000 $1,200,000 Losing quarter-finalists $300,000 $1,200,000 Winner of each group match $45,000 $1,890,000 Teams eliminated in group stage $35,000 $210,000 Total $10,225,000 This means that if the winner remains undefeated throughout the group stage of the tournament, they will win a total of $4,245,000 (winner's prize plus $45,000 for each the Group stage win), while a team which is eliminated in the group stage without any wins will be given $35,000.


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