14 Sep 2014


Almost 5 Million Gmail accounts hacked..!! Do you Check Your Gmail Account?

5 Million Gmail Accounts Hacked by Russian Hackers, Posted on a Russian bitcoin Forum......!!!

Hello guys, Today I have come with an exciting or rather than a shocking news to you. It is specially for Google users like myself and this time it is done by some Russian Hackers. I can say one thing its definitely for them, that they don’t leave a second to shock us.

gmail hacked
So, long story short, almost 5 Million Gmail accounts were hacked and posted on a Russian BitCoin Forum “btcsec.com” by a person having user name Tvskit.

This is absolutely a bad news for all of the Gmail users. But there is positively a thing which is good for us and what it is?
Well, most of the Google passwords were outdated and that means most of us are safe. But the hacker still announcement that 60% of the password is still working.

I was also surprised when I hear this news and the first thought came to my mind was **how Google can be hacked.**
A Russian techblog habrahabr.ru posted that the Google email ID and their passwords were hacked by using phishing, the use of weak passwords and some other things.

The whole database of the hacked ID and password is posted on a Russsian bitcoin forum and according to some sources, most of the accounts were of those users which have done some bitcoin operation.

Check to see from Below BOX, your Gmail Account was Hacked or not?

Check Gmail Account was Hacked or not? 

So at the Last word, I can only say, stay safe and keep your password more safer.


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