9 Aug 2014


How to open Hidden files and folders and delete hidden virus from Pendrive on Windows 7, 8

We have usual fall in lot of problems where computer got infected by the viruses through pen drives, Pen drives have become one of the easiest carrier of countless types of viruses these days. We will tell you how pen drives usually infect your PC operating systems.
open Hidden files and folders and delete hidden virus

How a virus infected your pen drive and operating system?

Most of the active viruses infect your operating system as soon as you double click on the Pen Drive icon in your my computer option. As virus always generates a autorun.inf file which is infected a system, hidden and a read only file on your pen drive. It fact to the main virus file which is also located on the pen drive. When user double clicks on the pen drive files pointed by the autorun.inf got performed which duplicates the virus files on your operating system.

Became Files absent or show space full in your Pen drive / Flash drive on Windows 7 or 8?

First You have to My Computer (double press on it)

1. Press Organize option in Windows 7

2. Go to Organize > Change Folder and search option.

3. Press on the View Tab > you see Below Advanced Settings:

4. Under Advance Setting : Go Hidden files and Folders > Check whether the radio button for " Show             Hidden files, folder " is checked, else select the radio button , as shown below.

open Hidden files and folders and delete hidden virus

 5. Then Go below and find “Hide protected Operating system files (Recom)” and Uncheck > yes > Apply > Ok Now View your Flash drive / Pen drive. You can see your desire files and folders, and delete                  unnecessary files and folders.

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