29 Aug 2014


Create more than one Facebook Accounts with Single Gmail ID

Gmail is a popular email service provider. We all love Gmail & use Gmail. Today I 'll share with you, A Simple but very effective tricks of Gmail. Through tricks , Your one of Gmail ID you can be used million - billion as ID.
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Sometimes you need to open more than one Account on Facebook but the problem is that you can use your email ID only once for one Facebook account. But now you can open more than one accounts on Facebook using a single Gmail ID.

For example, take any email address, say onnoshob@gmail.com. Suppose I have already used this mail ID to create a Facebook account. But Now? Just create another Facebook account and use the same email ID but put a dot after the first part like onno.shob@gmail.com. Likewise you can place the dot at various locations to create multiple accounts on Facebook with a single Gmail account. Because Facebook servers look as different 2 ID.

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Again Your can use another tricks to create multiple facebook account by using one email ID. Use the same email ID but put a + sin after the first part like onno+shob@gmail.com. Or on+noshob@gmail.com. Another tricks are just change domain name your mail ID. Like onnoshob@googlemail.com. At look Facebook servers , as different two ID. Actualy this mail ID is mirror of before ID.

If you use onno.shob@gmail.com, onno+shob@gmail.com, onnoshob@googlemail.com instead of onnoshob@gmail.com Gmail takes it as the same email address as Gmail ignores the dot, +, domain name. With the help of this tricks, you can make more than one accounts on Facebook.

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