8 Jul 2014


Now your computer will speak with you!! But how? If you don't Know so learn.

Today I'll show you how you can easily indulge in talking with your PC. It is a very simple system. if you follow my instruction only then you can. 

1. First to Open Notepad from your PC 

2. Now copy and paste the below code in notepad.

Dim userInput
userInput = InputBox("Type below anything to hear you PC speak it!")
Set Sapi = Wscript.CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice")
Sapi.speak userInput

3. Now save it (.vbs) format. For example speak.VBS
4. double click the file you will see something like the following below.

5. Write in the Box something or anything then press Ok Let’s see the fun………….

Thus, you can indulge in talking with your PC. The most interesting thing on your PC as well as voice hears realizes male or female. So why are you waiting.

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