20 Jun 2014


Not Earlier Heard The Startling Information About Fifa World Cup 2014 In Brazil

 Fifa World Cup 2014
1. The Most Expensive event this edition of the World Cup in Brazil. More than 14 billion dollars are spending to arrange the World Cup 2014.

2. The FIFA World Cup organizer to spend 2 billion dollars. & They  expected  4 billion dollars will be able to profit from this year's World Cup 2014.

3. World Cup History the greatest venue using in Brazil. Total matches will be held in 12 cities.

4. only just 8 teams has win the World Cup in 84-year history.

5. In the World Cup 2014 Participating Teams are taking some of advantage of their hotel, according to their needs. E.g. - Japan (their every room Jacuzzi), France (bar soap, rather than liquid soap), Uruguay (Silent Air condition) Algeria (Holy Quran in each room).

6. A Brazilian model can be seen on the award wins stage.

8. World Cup winner’s teams will receive a $ 35 million and runners-up teams will receive $ 25 million. $ 8 million dollars will receive has been removed from the group Episode!!!! The total award of $ 576 million.

9. Goal-line technology is being used for the first time in this World Cup 2014. 14 cameras have been installed for just noticed goal bar. The referee must ensure that the goal when Remain in the hands of a clock of vibration and one round sound show Goal!!!

10. The referee can used of a particular type of spray for determining Free kick spot, its check later automatically.

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